Your first visit

Your first visit is the consultation, this will be between 1-2 hours (this very much depends on your individual case). During this time your chiropractor will work through a process which will include the following:
  • A full case history (Your details are confidential. No one else will be allowed to see your notes without your permission).
    1. This covers your medical history
    2. Information about the pain or complaint that has brought you to the clinic
    3. Some questions may appear irrelevant but they are important to your chiropractor, they help establish an overall picture of your health and how you use and have used your body.
  • Your permission will be obtained in order for your chiropractor to carry out the following
    1. Any physical examination required
    2. Any orthopaedic testing required
    3. Any neurological testing required
  • Your chiropractor will then talk with you about the finding s of the tests and how chiropractic may help with your condition. Your permission will be obtained before any treatment takes place.

  • If chiropractic is suitable for your condition then a treatment will be given, if not then the chiropractor will refer you to your GP or relevant specialist.

  • Your chiropractor will give you aftercare advice to leave with.