I was suffering with acute sciatica, to the degree I had to throw myself into bed fully clothed and I was shaking uncontrollably with 10 out of 10 pain. Sarah gave me an assessment and treatment the next day which resulted in me being able to move about and function fairly normally. Since then I have had follow up visits to try and eliminate the problem. Sarah is very professional and is always trying various treatments and exercises to help.
I have suffered with back, neck and shoulder pain for many years. Sarah has been able to help me gain much better mobility and has reduced my pain levels. Since the start of the treatment I have been able to reduce my pain medication. I have every faith in Sarah's ability to help me regain more flexibility. HR
I have suffered from intermittent lower back pain for a number of years and more recently pain in the upper back between the shoulders and neck. Especially since becoming a parent and carrying an ever heavier child around.
I have now undergone a few treatments by the chiropractor at Spinal Elements Chiropractic and they have alleviated my discomfort entirely. The chiropractor has also made me more aware of what I do to my body during everyday activities and suggests exercises I can do quickly at my desk or at home to help prevent problems returning.
The technique used by the chiropractor is very subtle making treatments a comfortable and relaxing experience.
I will be using this chiropractor again in the future!
For over 20 years I have used the alternative therapy of Chiropractic treatment and give credence to it.
Originally it made real sense to me, which is why I tried it. Realigning the body to bring back the balance to within normal parameters. In practise it did much more. It rendered pain killers unnecessary and I regained the freedom of movement and that loss of strength!
I soon realised that it was not just about muscles and joints but as my whole person was affected by misalignment the use of this therapy to realign my body brought a 'well-being' effect too .
On some occasions I seem to 'float' out of the clinic others it took a couple of days for the body to react to a corrected bad multi-misalignment.
The Spinal Elements Clinic now maintains me in peak condition at 69 years old to live the full life that I do, still doing some heavy work and enjoying the simple pleasures of life. I have confidence in the professional approach of the clinic and am enjoying the results.

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